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Katy Gladwin 

Sacred Roots Services LLC

Are you in search of caring, evidence-based, and knowledgeable doulas?  Working closely with you and your care providers, your doula will assure you have all the  information, time, and space you need to make a truly informed decision.  Whether your desire is to have a transformative mind-body-spirit experience, avoid medical interventions, make birth go well while avoiding pain, or needing support during a surgical birth, your doula will have tools and suggestions for increasing your chances of attaining the birth you hope for.

Katy founded Sacred Roots in 2011 with the goal of reclaiming birth as a physiological process that works.  Since then, we’ve been helping women and families vision their ideal experience, and then working toward a plan to best achieve that vision.  With the right information and support, your birth and transition to parenthood can be thoroughly empowered and beautiful.

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Bonnie Miller, RN, BSN

Birth doula serving clients in the metropolitan Detroit area. Specialties include: VBAC; stay-at-home ALAP; has doppler and does internal exams; homeopathy; aromatherapy; obstetrical experience in birth centers for 23 years.
Phone: 313-538-7222 (H) or 313-590-1283 (C)   Email:  Website:

Peaceful Birthing ~ Janice Rex-Weaver

Birth doula serving 
​HypnoBirthing-educated ​
clients in the 
 Detroit are
​a for home, hospital and birth center births​
​Specialties include relaxation support, fear release and aromatherapy. Combine our five-week HypnoBirthing class with birth doula services to create a deep connection which is essential during pregnancy, labor and birth.
Phone: 248-429-9070  Email:  Website: